SmartEDGE Analytics

SmartEDGE Analytics

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Subscription Cost: $300
Setup Fee: $2,500

Subscription Cost: $3060
Setup Fee: $2,500

SmartEdge Analytics Appliance is a ready to use plug and play box with pre-built Paasmer Edge software. Built as Dockers for easy install, uninstall and upgrade, SmartEdge saves you thousands of dollars by running analytics of the live data on EDGE before sending it to Paasmer cloud.



  • Combines Edge Core, Edge Analytics and all cloud features
  • Analytics offered for Aggregate, Average and Feed Monitoring
  • Advanced cloud flexibility with Rules Engine enabled for predefined conditions
  • Real-time processing with minimal latency
  • In-built support for leading IoT connectivity protocols including WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Easy dongle connect and support for Gateway applications of up to 1000 sensors.
  • 25% off on yearly subscription
  • Hardware - Intel CPU @ 2.40 GHz, 8 Cores (Avoton C2750); antsleOS™ & antman™; 16 GB ECC RAM; 2 x 500 GB SSD
  • 100% Silent & dust-proof