PAASMER Edge Power

PAASMER Edge Power

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Subscription Cost: $600

Subscription Cost: $6,210

PAASMER Edge Power is an all in one PAASMER Edge Software Suit with the highest level of built-in intelligence with Analytics, Machine learning and auto-execution of control functions at Edge with all the cloud features that include device shadow, device management, feed management, configurable data visualization, and remote actuator control.



  • Combines capabilities of Machine Learning to Edge Core with Edge Rules Engine & Edge Analytics
  • An easy to use UI for rules Creation and deployment for execution at Edge in real time
    Additional data support for voice and videos
  • Wide options for control automation at edge using sensor data, analytics and machine learning
  • Rich set of troubleshooting capabilities with remote log access and support
  • Advanced cloud flexibility with Rules Engine enabled for predefined conditions
  • In-built support for IoT connectivity protocols including WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Easy dongle connect and support for Gateway applications of up to 1000 sensors.
  • Real-time processing with minimal latency
  • Paasmer Edge Artificial Intelligence feature that demonstrates Paasmer’s capability to build AI based Edge solutions using Tensor flow and OpenCV.