PAASMER Edge Fundamentals

PAASMER Edge Fundamentals

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Subscription Cost: $300

Subscription Cost: $3060

PAASMER Edge Fundamentals offers all the core edge features with Edge Rules Engine along with all the cloud features that include device shadow, device management, feed management, configurable data visualization, and remote actuator control.



  • Offers Edge core with Edge Rules Engine
  • Edge rules engine empowers customers to automate control functions on the Edge based on various conditions
  • Easy to use UI for Rules creation and deployment
  • In-built support for IoT connectivity protocols including WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Easy dongle connect and support for Gateway applications of up to 1000 sensors
  • Real-time processing with minimal latency
  • Paasmer Edge Artificial Intelligence feature that demonstrates Paasmer’s capability to build AI based Edge solutions using Tensor flow and OpenCV