PAASMER Machine Learning

PAASMER Machine Learning

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PAASMER Machine Learning has a built in ML layer on Edge Analytics. The PAASMER cloud supports the developer to train and test with different algorithms for their data set to choose the best one with maximum accuracy.



  • Combines Machine learning with Edge Core
  • Includes a developer kit to build a machine learning IoT application
  • Rich Data Visualization features and insights.
  • Train historic data for predictive analytics using Passmer Cloud
  • Supports multiple Machine Learning algorithm including
    • KNN (k-nearest neighbor algorithm)
    • DT (Decision Tree)
    • LR (Logistic Regression)
    • SVM (Support Vector Machine)
    • RF (Random Forest)
  • Advanced cloud flexibility with Rules Engine enabled for predefined conditions
  • In-built support for IoT connectivity protocols including WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Easy dongle connect and support for Gateway applications of up to 1000 sensors.
  • Real-time processing with minimal latency