SmartEDGE Machine Learning

SmartEDGE Machine Learning

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Subscription Cost: $400
Setup Fee: $2,500

Subscription Cost: $4080
Setup Fee: $2,500

SmartEdge Machine Learning Appliance is a ready to use plug and play box with pre-built Paasmer ML software. The Paasmer cloud supports the developer to train and test with different algorithms for their data set to choose the best one with maximum accuracy.



  • Combines Machine learning with Edge Core
  • Includes a developer kit to build a machine learning IoT application
  • Rich Data Visualization features and insights.
  • Train historic data for predictive analytics using Passmer Cloud
  • Supports multiple Machine Learning algorithm including
    • KNN (k-nearest neighbor algorithm)
    • DT (Decision Tree)
    • LR (Logistic Regression)
    • SVM (Support Vector Machine)
    • RF (Random Forest)
  • Advanced cloud flexibility with Rules Engine enabled for predefined conditions
  • In-built support for IoT connectivity protocols including WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Easy dongle connect and support for Gateway applications of up to 1000 sensors.
  • Real-time processing with minimal latency
  • 25% off on yearly subscription
  • Hardware - Intel CPU @ 2.40 GHz, 8 Cores (Avoton C2750); antsleOS™ & antman™; 16 GB ECC RAM; 2 x 500 GB SSD
  • 100% Silent & dust-proof




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